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Your Q.HOME solar system

A practical and straightforward way to save on electricity costs: With the Q.HOME solar system your solar system is supplied as a complete package at a fixed price. Q CELLS solar modules guarantee you top quality and maximum output. But the best part is: You don't need to worry about a thing. Our Q CELLS partners install your solar system in a few days and will be pleased to help with registration and notification.

For small roof areas: Small Q.HOME complete packages from 20m²

Q.HOME solar packages are delivered with high-quality inverters offering technical state-of-the-art functions, for example integrated yield data recording and a web server to monitor your solar system via internet.

The Q.HOME⁺ solar packages are fitted with cutting-edge power storage systems and inverters. These quality products can store solar power for use at night to provide consumer homes with cost efficient electricity at night as well.

At Hanwha Q CELLS, solar power is more than just a product.

That's why we've developed our solar solutions for a reliable, powerful and sustainable power supply in a range of different versions – for today and for future generations.

2-person household
up to 3,200 kWh
3,30 kWp21 m²30 %70%
3-person household
up to 3,800 kWh
3,85 kWp24 m²30 %70%
4-person household
up to 4,400 kWh
4,40 kWp27 m²30 %70%
5-person household
up to 5,000 kWh
4,95 kWp31 m²30 %70%

Evolution of electric costs without and with a solar system using the example of a family of three

3,800 kWh annual energy consumption
3,647 kWh energy generated by solar system
2,188 kWh self-consumption of solar power
3,647 kWh feed-in to power grid
1,824 kWh export

Complete package for smart savers! The Q.HOME solar system

Complete high quality mounting system

The high quality system provides a fast, secure and permanently stable installation.

High quality inverter

The transformer-less inverter is ideally matched to the Q CELLS solar modules. It converts direct current into alternating current in order to feed the power into the mains supply of the building.


The Q.HOME⁺ packages are fitted with solar storages that can be optimally adapted to your demand. This way the solar energy produced during the day can be used whenever it is needed.

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Electric accessories

Electrical accessories such as cables and connectors are also included.

Installation and network connection by specialists

The complete installation of your photovoltaic system will be carried out by your specialist partner. Usually this is completed in one day.

If you wish to have an individual solution, we can determine the measurements!

If you seek maximum output when you invest in a solar system, or if you place value on design aesthetics and quality, we will be pleased to help! Please contact us and we will put in touch with a specialist partner in your area. You will receive personal advice and a photovoltaic solution, which matches your needs and wishes.

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