Photo contest Congratulations to our winners!

Solar systems: versatile, professional and photogenic.

The Q CELLS photo contest enabled our solar installers show us what their customers have on their roofs. We received around 200 photos from 11 countries – and every single one was fantastic. It certainly wasn't easy to select the winners! We would like to thank all participants for their impressive shots, and to congratulate the winners!

SunSol sp. z o.o., Poland 1st place

The photovoltaic installation is located on the home art gallery. The building was designed by the owner, who is an architect by profession. In this case, the photovoltaic installation was integrated into the appearance of the building. As a result, it is not only an additional element but an integral part of the building. For the client, apart from the functionality, aesthetics was equally important, which is why she opted for Q Cells panels. This project deserves attention because aside from the obvious practical function, it also plays an aesthetic role, showing the beauty of home photovoltaic installations.

B&W Energy GmbH & Co.KG, Germany 2nd place

Since 2015, managing directors Dominik and Benedikt Winkels have installed two photovoltaic systems through B&W Energy with a total output of around 1.25 MWp: "The generated solar power is used to operate our machinery and thus reduces the amount of externally sourced electricity. During our downtimes, the solar power is fed into our supplier's grid." The second photovoltaic system (749 kWp) included around 2,500 high-performance Q CELLS solar modules.

ENERGIES DE LOIRE, France 3rd place

The project run by "ENERGIES DE LOIRE" is the pride of the small community in Candé in the west of France. The 99.9 kW system has been producing green solar power every day since February 2018, all of which is fed into the grid. It thus ensures that even a local hall can become an efficient solar power station. The system contains Q CELLS Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 solar modules, which combine an elegant appearance with particularly high power output in a small space – and can thus blend perfectly into green environments.