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Solar power pays off.
Start using sustainable energy now.

Good reasons to switch to solar energy

Our energy need is continuously increasing. At the same time reserves
of fossil fuels like oil and coal are shrinking. The result is a dramatic
increase in electricity prices. You can secure your energy supply for
the future by relying on the sun; a source of energy that is renewable,
environmentally friendly and low cost. It supplies us with sustainable
energy over a distance of 90 million miles (150m. km) each and
every day. You can capture it with premium solar modules by
Q CELLS and start your own energy production. With our own solar
system you can reduce your electricity costs, secure long-term energy
supply for your family and protect the environment - your route to
clean, sustainable and affordable electricity.

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Reasons for using solar energy

  • Reduce electricity costs ... as every kilowatt hour you produce yourself noticeably lowers your electricity bill.
  • Environmentally friendly ... because with your own solar system you produce sustainable energy, reducing CO2 as well as particulate and soot emissions. As a solar energy producer you protect the environment, conserve resources and safeguard the future for yourself and your children.
  • Viability ... because the cost of a photovoltaic system pays for itself. You reduce your electricity bill with private consumption of the power you produce and benefit from the opportunities of photovoltaic grants and subsidies. For example, the solar power generated can be directly fed into the local grid of your power supplier. In Germany you earn a 20-year legally guaranteed feed-in tariff on each kilowatt-hour generated (currently valid EEG- Renewable Energy Source Act, feed-in tariff of 13.01 cents per kWh as of June 2014).
  • Independence ... because energy from the sun is unlimited and free to everyone. This means: That while electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system is always working at the same cost.
  • The value of your property increases ... as energy-efficient construction is an important argument in favour of photovoltaic. No fewer than 91 percent of German citizens now regard solar power as important, according to a representative survey conducted by the opinion research institute TNS Emnid. And based on forecasts by the International Energy Agency, the share of photovoltaics in German electricity consumption will increase to 25 percent by 2050.

Example calculation

Total annual return for a family home with the following characteristics:

4-Person household

Example calculation LONDON
Energy output of the PV system per year: 3,269 kWh
Grid feed-in: 1,092 kWh
Grid supply: 1,927 kWh
Internal consumption: 1206 kWh (direct)
+ 785 kWh (battery)
Potential electricity savings:
year 1 £ 261
year 20 £ 357
FIT income with solar system:
year 1 £ 532
year 20 £ 788


1 Taking into account an accepted electricity cost of currently 28.72 Cent per kWh
2 an annual electricity price rise of 3%
3 with an irradiation of 950 kWh/kWp
a currently valid (EEG) feed in tarif of 12.62 Cent per kWh (as at October 2014)

Solar energy production with modules
from the test winner

Hanwha Q CELLS is Europe's largest supplier in the solar module
sector and has high claims in quality and technology. We have
developed the toughest test criteria in the industry for our modules.
Our "VDE Quality Tested" program guarantees consistent quality and
product safety. Thanks to our intensive research, Q CELLS solar
modules achieve repeatedly solar efficiency records. This was
demonstrated in the output test 2013 and 2014 by the trade magazine
PHOTON: with Q CELLS polycrystalline modules having the highest
solar output in the world.

Q CELLS Awards and Tests

Q.ANTUM - The heart of our premium
solar modules

High-performance technology for durablility: Q CELLS premium solar
modules with Q.ANTUM technology give maximum output and
reliability. This has been confirmed by the German Certification
Institute of the Association for Electronics and Information
Technology, VDE, and the Fraunhofer ISE.

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Engineered in

Intensive research, first-class
materials and very strict quality
standards in the industry
guarantee a safe operation and
high output in all weather

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Planning and

We have years of experience and
an extensive network you can trust.
We install your solar system on
your roof and keep construction
time and costs low.

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Security and durability

Strict test criteria and advanced
technologies, such as Hot Spot
Protect and Q CELLS Anti PID
Technology, ensure trouble-free
operation and long term reliable
current output with Q CELLS

Our tests are the toughest


The design of Q CELLS solar modules not only looks good, it is optimised to ensure maximum long-term efficiency, stability and security, while also keeping weight low.

It's the details that count

Solar power in 4 steps

Your way to sustainable energy with Q CELLS solar solutions


We will offer you individually tailored solar solutions with Q CELLS premium solar modules.


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Do business economically

Hanwha Q CELLS exclusively uses renewable energy for its production in Thalheim to demonstrate the competitiveness of green electricity!


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The sun never goes down in the Hanwha Q CELLS think tank. And our efficiency ratios reach record values!


How photovoltaics works

Sunlight becomes electrical energy. The conversion takes place inside the solar cells – and the electricity starts flowing immediately.