Q CELLS solar panels and solar solutions Top performance for maximum power

Q CELLS stands for solar energy by conviction For more than 20 years

As one of the world's largest solar companies, Hanwha Q CELLS offers the full range of solar products and applications. We develop and supply everything from solar modules and solar systems to high-performance solar power plants and complementary energy supply solutions from a single source. As a homeowner, you can get all the components you need for independent electricity production from us: solar modules, substructures, electricity storage and electricity tariffs. As an internationally active company, we stand for cooperation in a spirit of partnership and progress. Q CELLS has been working on the future of solar technology worldwide for more than two decades: for a sustainable energy supply on a planet worth living on.


Life & Living

Q CELLS was awarded the consumer award Life & Living by the news channel ntv as the most popular solar power brand.


2021 EuPD Research awarded the annual "Top Brand Seal" for solar technology to Q CELLS for the 8th time in a row.


In FOCUS MONEY, Q CELLS achieves "Highest Reputation" for its outstanding customer orientation and excellent reputation among consumers.