Q.FLAT-G4 For quick-installation on the roof

Q.FLAT-G4 is more than just a substructure for flat roofs: it forms the basis for an entire system solution from a single source.


Step 1

  • Module assignment plan
  • Module interconnection
  • Inverter design
  • Cable plan
  • Ballasting plan

Step 2

  • Statics report with consideration of wind and snow loads
  • Profitability calculation
  • Parts list

Step 3

  • Q CELLS supplies all components on time directly to the construction site

Step 4

  • Installation of the Q.FLAT-G4 system including module cabling and inverters

The 1-2-3 Installation Q.FLAT-G4 is the perfect flat roof system for rapid, simple and reliable installation without roof penetration.

Step 1

The substructure is laid out on the roof and the ballast carriers inserted. The central support column and end clamps are preassembled. There is no need for fastening on the roof. That saves building material and reduces the installation costs considerably.

Step 2

The Q CELLS solar module slides into the guide of the central clamp and is aligned. After this work step, the module cabling can be carried out conveniently.

Step 3

The solar module is lowered downwards. The end clamps slide onto the modules and are fixed. This one-off assembly design not only minimises the installation time but also reduces the mechanical load on the solar modules; thanks to the floating suspension. Fixing an end clamp means that two adjoining modules are fastened at the same time – a further time saving.

Q.FLAT-G4 The simple and reliable system for flat roofs

Installation without special tools

All screws are standard models, which means no special tools are required.

Quick and convenient cabling

When the modules slide in and angled, there is enough free space to carry out the cabling conveniently.

Less measuring work

Once aligned, there is no longer any need for measurement. The ballast carriers serve as a distance gauge between the base profiles. As soon as the first base profile is aligned, the distances to the following base profiles result by hanging in the ballast carriers.

Kind to the roof

The building material is spared thanks to installation without penetration of the roof membrane. The ballast floats above the roof area and prevents damage by the ballast, which means no moss can accumulate below the tiles for example.

Longevity and absence of stress

The stability of the base profiles also ensures problem-free installation of the roof even when it is uneven, while mechanical loads on the modules are also reduced.

High yields

The specific yield is improved almost independent of the system's alignment and enables a high level of flexibility in the design of the rooftop array. With a significantly higher power density of over 200 Wp / m2 compared to standard systems,
Q.FLAT-G4 is the best solution for high yields.

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