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With your own solar power system from Qcells, you can reduce your electricity costs, secure your long-term energy supply and sustainably protect the environment – with full cost control and guaranteed profitability. Your own solar system operates on the basis of unchanging prices and produces clean energy. You are more or less cushioned against rising electricity costs, while increasing the value of your property as an added benefit.

In combination with our power storage solutions you can go a decisive step further by making yourself independent of your electricity supplier – all year round.

Did you know?
3 solar modules

generate more electricity in one hour than is needed to run a laptop for around

60 hours

or to watch all

3 films

in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy

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Solar system + solar power storage system

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Qcells solar modules

Thanks to our innovative Q.ANTUM Technology, Qcells solar modules impress under real-world conditions with exceptional yields from a small surface area. We thus offer premium quality for every requirement.

Qcells solar modules
Solar power storage system

Store the electricity generated by your solar system in a power storage system. This provides clean solar power during sunless hours and distributes it intelligently throughout the house.

Qcells solar power storage system

Developed in Germany

Qcells solar modules are among the most powerful and efficient on the global market. We offer the highest performance classes and have developed solutions for technological problems such as hot spots and potential-induced degradation (PID), thus ensuring that you can produce solar power effectively and safely.

Qcells technology

Q CELLS Testcenter
Safety and longevity

Qcells applies the toughest testing criteria in the industry. As a result, solar modules from Qcells are among the most powerful and efficient on the global market. We offer the highest performance classes and have developed solutions for technological problems such as hot spots and potential-induced degradation (PID), thus ensuring that you can produce solar power effectively and safely.

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Intelligent design

Qcells solar modules don't just look good. They are also optimised to ensure excellent efficiency, stability and safety in the long term – despite their lightweight design.

Innovative technologies such as Hot-Spot-Protect and Qcells Anti PID Technology ensure trouble-free operation and long-term reliable power yields with Qcells modules.

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Qcells stands for solar energy by conviction

For over 20 years

As one of the world's largest solar companies, Hanwha Qcells offers the full range of solar products and applications. We develop and supply everything from solar modules and solar systems to high-performance solar power plants and complementary energy supply solutions – from a single source.

As a homeowner, we can provide you with all the components you need for independent power production: solar modules, substructures, power storage systems and electricity tariffs. As an internationally operating company, we stand for a cooperative partnership and progress that is actively lived. Qcells has been working on the future of solar technology worldwide for more than two decades – for a sustainable energy supply on a planet worth living on,


Our pride and joy: system sizes from XS to XXL

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen ZOO is going green. Therefore, in order to implement energy saving and climate protection measures, it has opted for solar energy – powered by Qcells. Copenhagen ZOO has signed a cooperation agreement with the energy funds Pensionskassernes Administration A/S (PKA), SustainSolutions and Solcellekonsulenten A/S (wholesaler), in order to achieve annual energy savings of 20% and reduce its water consumption by 6 million litres as well as its CO2 emissions by 170 tonnes, both of which are currently required to run the zoo. Solar energy will play a key role here, as the lion’s share of the energy savings for Copenhagen Zoo will be achieved by installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of 12 buildings in the zoo’s gardens.

ApplicationC&I roof-top solar system installation
Installed power273 kWp
CompletionJuly 2019
Modules    Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 & Q.PEAK DUO-G5



The Hörmann family’s dreams have come true with the installation of a Qcells solar system at their 100% energy-self-sufficient home in Zusmarshausen. Florian Graschberger, sales specialist for Qcells in Bavaria explains: "The house shows that it is already possible to supply carbon-free energy based on solar power without a power connection or any other external energy supply. We are delighted the Hörmann family chose Qcells for their solar modules."

ApplicationPrivate roof-top solar system installation
Installed power20 kWp
Modules    Q.PEAK DUO-G5

Solar system

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany

The 100 kW system on the roof of Brandschutz Nagel GmbH in Bitterfeld-Wolfen consists of 356 Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1 solar modules, each rated at 280 Wp and equipped with Q.ANTUM Technology. With a performance ratio of 86%, an annual yield of over 80,000 kWh can be expected. The system was installed within a few days by the highly experienced Hanwha Qcells Q.PARTNER Röder Solar GmbH, based in Halle.

ApplicationSolar power station
Installed power28 MWp
Modules    Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1
System    Q.FLAT-G4

Roof-space leasing

Neukönigsaue, Germany

The agricultural cooperatives in Neukönigsaue in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, are increasing the profitability of their farms by leasing out their previously unused roof space for the purpose of solar power generation. In the course of modernising these roof areas, 2 MW of photovoltaic power from Qcells were installed.

ApplicationRoof-space leasing
Installed power1900 MWh/year
Modules    Q.PEAK DUO-G5

Reasons to switch to solar

Energy-based renovation for clean, affordable electricity

Lower electricity costs

Every kilowatt hour that you produce yourself via solar energy earns you a feed-in tariff or noticeably reduces your electricity costs if you consume it yourself.


Your own solar system lets you generate clean electricity. This reduces emissions of CO2, particulate matter and soot. As a solar energy producer, you can generate sustainable energy, protect the environment, conserve resources and secure the future for yourself and your children.


Solar energy is available to everyone – without restriction and free of charge. Therefore, while electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system always operates at the same cost and produces sustainable energy.

Increases property values

A photovoltaic system is a major selling point. After all, according to a representative survey by the opinion research institute TNS Emnid, around 91% of German citizens already consider solar power and thus energy-efficient renovation to be important. And according to forecasts by the International Energy Agency, solar power will account for 25% of German electricity consumption by 2050.


The costs of being energy-efficient soon pay for themselves. You can reduce your electricity bill by consuming the electricity you produce yourself and also benefit from the available solar power subsidies. For example, you can feed the solar power you generate directly into the grid via your local energy supplier. You will earn a return on every kilowatt hour generated based on a feed-in tariff that is guaranteed by law for 20 years (the currently valid EEG feed-in tariff is 13.01 cents per kWh; as of June 2014).

Did you know?
3 solar modules

generate one kilowatt hour of electricity – that's the amount of energy you needed to carry approximately

6.000 crates of beer

from the ground floor up to the first floor.

Let the sun do the heavy lifting