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Save energy with Qcells solar modules on your roof! Use the Qcells solar calculator to calculate the optimum photovoltaic system for your roof and your electricity consumption.

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Subconstructions Q.FLAT-G6
Qcells mounting systems


We offer safe and easy installation of your solar system for many different roofs. The areas of application are basically divided into solar installations for pitched roofs and solar installations for flat roofs.

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Qcells storage systems


The modular solution for storing solar power and using it sustainably at any time.

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Qcells solar modules

Q.PEAK DUO G11S series

Discover the Qcells solar modules with Q.ANTUM DUO Technology. Reliably maximum yields and attractive design. 

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Qcells charging station


In addition to the advantages of a high-end charger, the Q.HOME EDRIVE A allows you to use surplus electricity from your PV system, making it the perfect clean energy complement to your Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G3 storage system. You can monitor and control the entire charging process on the move, so you always have your system in view, even when you are on the road.

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WARREN SERVICES is a full-service engineering company in Norfolk, England, manufacturing machinery and components for customers around the world. Manufacturing also includes painting and finishing of components as well as a test station for electrical-mechanical assembly. Why WARREN SERVICES decided to go solar only after five years and how many advantages this investment offers today, you can find out in this video.

ApplicationCommercial rooftop solar system
Installed power output250 KWp
Date of completion2020
ModulesQ.PEAK DUO-G6  350 W

Private house in Dawlish / Devon

The high energy costs ultimately led to the decision to invest in a solar system and a storage system. 2 people live in the detached house in the south of England.

The space on the family property is used effectively. 14 solar modules are distributed on the roof of the house and the garage. Two batteries store the energy so that the energy generated during the day is used overnight. The excess energy is fed into the grid. Electricity costs were reduced significantly in the first year. The families save more than two thousand pounds a year. The investment will have paid for itself after about four years.

Installed power output5 kW
Date of completionDecember 2022
ModulesQcells 380 W modules
Storage SystemQ.HOME CORE

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As a photovoltaic manufacturer, Qcells engineers its award winning and certified solar modules in Germany. We guarantee maximum output even in ambient light conditions.

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Qcells solar products are way ahead of the competition when it comes to quality, as testified by a wide variety of awards, certificates and world records for efficiency.

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