Secure investment System solutions for solar power plants

Sustainable investment: Solar power plants

Today solar power stations play a major role in the energy supply for local authorities, communities and countries. With proven system solutions and an installed expertise base of 700 MW (≥ 1 MW p) since 2007, Hanwha Qcells is an experienced partner for the development and implementation of solar power plants for a future-proof investment.

Solar power plants are an environmentally friendly and highly profitable investment. Due to their modular design, they are flexible and readily adapted to geographical and infrastructural conditions and have extremely low maintenance. Today solar power plants produce green electricity at competitive rates in many regions of the world. They not only have a good image, but above all generate long-term high returns, with the highest level of reliability and investment security.

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  • Secure returns
  • Sustainable investment
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Short construction times
  • 100 % scalable
  • Highest flexibility for power station planning

Overview of the full benefits

Modular power plant design for your project

Qcells, Q.MEGA solar power plants guarantee you flexibility, reliability and maximum return. With the excellent system solutions from Qcells you can trust in our experience in project implementation. Since 2007, we have installed a cumulative total output of more than 700 MW with solar power plants larger than 1 MW p.


Hanwha Qcells efficiently guides you with your turnkey solar power plant. From the development through to implementation and operation of your project, including monitoring and maintenance, our integrated project management and system expertise saves you time and ensures cost effective and secure planning.

The route to your solar power plant


You will find our experience in the implementation of projects and the award winning system solutions from Qcells impressive. Since 2007, we have installed a total of more than 700 MW of solar power plants in the output range greater than 1 MW p.


One of the largest solar power plants in the world; built in just 12 weeks.

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A 24.3 MW p solar farm in Great Britain with Qcells Q.PRO G3 solar modules.

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A solar power plant cluster with 83 MW p output in southern Brandenburg.

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