Q.MOUNT The versatile mounting system for pitched roofs

Q.MOUNT is the Qcells pitched roof solution for roof types of all kinds

Q.MOUNT is the Qcells pitched roof solution
for roof types of all kinds

To allow the reliable and safe installation of Qcells premium solar modules on roof shapes and roof coverings of all kinds, we have developed the Q.MOUNT system for pitched roofs. Q.MOUNT stands out from the competition thanks to its simplicity and fast, straightforward installation, as well as its excellent value for money. Our Q.PARTNER enjoys the advantage of independent system planning with the Qcells ROOFTOP PLANNER software that combines all of the planning steps needed in one system: module design, roof layout, inverter, yield simulation and static calculations, including wind and snow loads. We supply our customers with all components from a single source, thereby ensuring that they coordinate and harmonise perfectly with each other.

With Q.MOUNT, there are just four simple steps
to a ready-to-use solar system


  • Module assignment plan
  • Module interconnection
  • Inverter design
  • Cable plan
  • Ballasting plan


  • Statics report with consideration of wind and snow loads
  • Profitability calculation
  • Parts list


  • Qcells supplies all components on time directly to the construction site


  • Installation of the Q.MOUNT system including module cabling and inverters

ONE SYSTEM, VARIOUS ROOF SHAPES Q.MOUNT is ideal for all types of roof shape and covering.

All of the individual parts come from a modular system that can be intercombined and, thanks to the new click-in central clamp, make module mounting significantly easier.


The Q.MOUNT supporting construction is secured on corrugated fibre cement roofs with a self-tapping hanger bolt, including the pre-installed quick-mounting adapter.


The roof hooks offering three-way adjustment for tiled roofs allow flexible adaptation to any tiled roof requirements. Here too, the use of the pre-installed quick-mounting adapter keeps the installation time to a minimum.

Trapezoidal sheet roof

On trapezoidal sheet roofs, Q.MOUNT impresses with a variety of possible solutions. We offer trapezoidal sheet bridges in various lengths, which are suitable for horizontal, vertical and single-layer use, as well as for cross connections.

Folded seam roof

Q.MOUNT also offers a stable, easy-to-install clamping solution for folded seam roofs and Kalzip sheet roofs that reliably connects the bearing profile of the supporting construction to the solar modules.

You’re interested in our Q.MOUNT flat roof system? We’d be happy to provide you with consultation.

Qcells Rooftop Planner All-in-one!

The planning tool from Qcells combines various programs and makes planning easier for Q.PARTNER. Save time and resources by implementing all configuration steps in a single program.

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